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About Bhoomi Education

Bhoomi Educational Consultancy provides consultancy services to improve quality of education through be-spoke content development on English, Science, Maths and Social Science and capacity building of teachers, Head Teachers and District administration. The company initiates and executes innovative solutions and supports high-end planning and implementation of programmes, monitoring, research and evaluation.

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Our Services

Advisory Services

We provide expert advisory services in preparation of Detailed Proposal Planning and Project Reports (DPR), guidelines for effective implementation of programmes, Curriculum Design and Content development and Community Empowerment. Our aim is to support governments and organizations to arrive at solutions that makes education sustainable and innovative. Together with our clients, we are devoted to the future of education and creating sustainable business models for successful systemic transformation.

Research & Evaluation Services

We believe that high quality research gives an in-depth analysis of education programmes connected to education quality and equity that supports us to develop in-depth understanding programmes and their implementation. Our research and evaluation services, engaged in transforming standards of education, include evaluation of education programmes, research of promising education practices and innovations and design accountability tools for educational programmes.

Project Design and Implementation

We provide services to successfully design and implement programmes that impact education quality and equity. Our strength lies in providing solutions in designing effective implementation strategies that bridges programme requirements and outcomes as well as takes into account practical realities that are state specific. We are keen to support implementation that are tailored to the requirement of the programme and our team is passionate to inform design, innovation and strategy to ensure the same.

GIS & Remote Sensing Services

Our GIS & Remote Sensing Service provides invaluable data visualisation tools for planners, administrators to improve school-planning processes e.g. in integrated GIS maps of schools and their locations, determining School Boundary Communication, transportation routes, long range planning, and data visualisation that support in assessing regional inequalities in the distribution of school. The main goal of the service is to ensure that access to schools are available equitably in all regions of the states that we work with.

Why We?


A solutions oriented company providing better solutions to each client's project needs.


Expertise in evidence based planning and implementation of educational programmes.


Expertise in curriculum design, capacity building, evaluation, monitoring and programme management.


Ability to deliver solutions at a lower cost with pride in the quality of the services provided.

Our Team

Nandita Bhowmik

Nandita Bhowmik


M. A. (Bengali)

Beas Bhowmik

Beas Bhowmik


M.Phil. (Sociology)

Esha Patnaik

Eshaa Patnaik


M. A. (Sociology) & MBA

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